duminică, 17 noiembrie 2013

Connie Brockway

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Historical Romance
1. Anything for Love
2. The True Love Wedding Dress
3. So Enchanting
4. The Golden Season
5. The Other's Guy Bride
6. The Lady Wost Likely
7. The Lady Most Willing - Patru nunti si o mostenire

seria The Rose Hunters
1. Bridal Season
2. Bridal Favors
3. My Surrender
4. My Seduction
5. My Pleasure

seria McClairen's Isle
1. The Ravising One
2. The Reckless One
3. The Pasionate One

My Dearest Enemy
All Throught The Night
As You Desire
A Dangerous Man

Carti contemporane
1. Skinny Deeping
2. Hot Dish
3. Cupid Cats

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